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    Melissa Letendre, BSW, CCH

    Breathe. Heal. Grow.

  • Hello & Welcome!

    Tansi! Welcome to my page. I am honored your spirit called you here. My name is Melissa Letendre. I am a visionary, change maker, and rising medicine woman. I am so grateful to be part of your healing journey. Winakhoma.

    I am passionate about helping women find thier power. Find their medicine! I had many struggles in my lifetime and it wasn't until I found my medicine, when I started to bloom. Now, I have a huge passion to inspire others to find and cultivate theirs.

    Please join me on a sacred journey of embodied awareness. Together, we will explore the subconscious "truths" of your younger one, and uproot your core beliefs systems to give them the proper nutrients and foundation for your medicine to grow.

    Rise young one, find your wise woman inside!

  • Holistic Healing Services

    Before and after each treatment, I thoroughly smudge and cleanse my healing space, including all crystals and energy tools used. The cleansing and energizing of sacred space is a crucial part of the healing process and my commitment to provide a personal healing sanctuary.

    Traditional Energy Healing

    $65 per session


    My passion is to create sacred space that your spirit calls you to.


    I offer traditional energy healing sessions by applying Aboriginal healing techniques with the use of drums, rattles, songs and various sacred medicines. The treatments lower anxiety and stress within the body in a very delicate loving, and compassionate experience. I combine the energy sessions with crystal treatments sound healing, and various other healing modalities. I create a therapeutic sanctuary for profound soul healing to occur, inducing deep ultra-relaxation and rejuvenating feelings. We complete the process with herbal teas, insightful conversation, and personal wellness tips from each session.




    Chakra Balancing

    $65 per session

    Crystal Therapy is an energetic and emotional healing modality utilizing crystal energy in harmony with your wellness goals and intentions. Crystals and stones were created to become our allies to help encourage our natural balance and harmony with self. We have many layers of self. These layers can create chaos within our body’s energy field. When placing the stones on a person's body, they help restore and balance our energy that is either; blocked, overstimulated, or underdeveloped.


    We begin with a sage cleansing ceremony and guided meditation. Healing crystals are then placed on the body where your energy centers align. From there, I balance the energy by releasing any blockages between the chakras so your energy moves freely. You will feel refreshed and energized after these sessions!



    Shamanic Journey

    $15 per session


    Are you seeking a spiritual experience to connect deeper within and connect to Spirit? Are you interested in discovering your spirit allies and totems?


    Shamanic Journeying is a healing practice of Shamanism. During a journey we are brought into a deep theta state of consciousness, allowing us to work with spiritual and energetic realms to gain knowledge about ourselves, obtain healing and receive guidance for our voyage through life.


    Here is a great page all about Shamanic Journeying;


    Sage Cleansing Ceremony

    By Donation


    The use of this sacred medicine, sage, has been used for centuries for cleansing and purification. Sage is a powerful medicine that has the ability to remove dense negative energy surrounding your mind, body, and soul leaving you feel grounded and refreshed. Smudging is an ancient ceremony of burning sacred plants, such as sage, to allow the smoke to clear and bless a space.


    Smudging your sacred space, home, office, and your body with sage is like taking an energetic shower, or doing a deep metaphysical cleansing. The smoke from dried sage changes the ionic composition of the air, and can have a direct effect on reducing our stress response. I offer individual cleansing ceremonies as well as smudging your home or office.



    Full Moon Gatherings/Circles

    By donation


    Aligning our energy with Grandmother Moon is a powerful way to honour, release, and renew our spirits. Full moon's energy are about letting go of anything that is holding you back in life. We participate in a releasing ceremony under the luminous glow of the moon. It is beatiful, magical and powerful.


    During the ceremony, we are asked to reflect on areas we've grown, or that we continue to struggle in. It is about personal reflection, and nourishing our mind, body & spirits. We will release what no longer serves us. The moon will be bright and beautiful reflecting our own beauty back to us. And as we begin to move into a state of acceptance and balance, we will remember and celebrate our personal growths, or set new goals for the next cycle.


    I host the ceremonies in my back yard. Depending on the time of year, we will also have a fire ceremony the same evening. If you are feeling the need to let go and can't quite figure out how. I strongly encourage you to give these powerful ceremonies a try. You will feel lighter, revitalized and hopeful.



    Wellness Workshop

    Prices vary

    Offering various workshops on health and wellness topics.


    Past Workshops;


    Women's circles - my favorite!

    Circle of Courage - addiction recovery

    Soul Shine - self expression through Art media

    Women's Healing Circles

    Self-care Essentials

    Grief and Trauma

    Red Road Recovery - Aboriginal-based addiction program

    Wellbriety Meetings - addiction support group

    Medicine Wheel Teachings

    The Magic of Healing Crystals

    Journey Through the Chakra's

    Intro to Crystal Grids


    Call 250-378-7660 to book or

    Email: sagehavenhealing@gmail.com

  • Wise Woman Medicine

    Personal Empowerment Sessions

    Are you ready to cultivate the medicine you need to truly be who you are? Are you ready to find your true self, your essence, your wise woman?


    Rise beautiful ones! Own your power & find your wise woman medicine!


    It is my passion to help others find their medicine. To hold space for transformation to happen, where our spirits unfold and take root. My approach to helping encourages healing at a deepest soul level. Where the root system is, your quintessence, where your medicine lies.


    How do you find your medicine?

    You find your power. You learn. You grow. You envision. You create. You discover the wise women inside. You heal. You make conscious choices to the changes you need to thrive and grow. Gentle discover each facet of yourself and create your personal medicine bundle.


    Empowerment sessions help with;

    ~ Creating a vision for your life
    ~ Identify your values, strengths and goals
    ~ Thrive in times of transition
    ~ Discover your beautiful medicine, with CONFIDENCE!
    ~ Bring balance & harmony to your life through traditional teachings
    ~ Hidden habitual thinking patterns revealed and transformed
    ~ Release the pain and limited beliefs - Rewrite your story
    ~ Explore and expand your personal power - your medicine!




    FREE 30 minute complimentary calls. Don't wait, call me today and start creating a vision for your life! 250-378-7660


    We can do online calls via Facebook, Skype, or Zoom

  • Wise Woman Circle

    Join our Facebook group for FREE offerings and online support!


    Awakening the Wise Woman

    Sacred Medicine Wheel Journey

    There is no greater discovery than to find your personal medicine and there is no better time than now to awaken your wise woman inside.

    STARTS Monday May 27th, 2019 - June 17th 2019


    Program Description

    Awakening the Wise Woman program is a transformational & healing program based on Indigenous teachings, rituals, and ceremonies to help guide and awaken your power and wisdom within.


    The program is an intensive 5 week online mentoring program with other ladies who, like you, long to heal and transform their lives. Together, we will journey around your sacred medicine wheel, create your medicine bundle, and grow your medicine.


    We will meet weekly online as a group for the teachings and spiritual practices. “Ohmwork” will be provided for you to practice and incorporate into your daily life to help you create a spiritual practice of your own. All materials presented will be shared via PDF prior to session times.


    You will learn ways to support your healing and growth. You will awaken your spirit. You will root into your power and purpose in life.


    Sacred Medicine Wheel Program Outline:


    Week 1 – Middle of Circle – Self

    • Opening Ceremony
    • Sacred space and alter creations – How to create sacred space
    • Teachings of Medicine Wheel to understand and create balance in life
    • Spirit animals – Journey to call spirit forth for the program
    • Creating your medicine bundle

    Week 2 – East Direction – Inner Child

    • Inner child healing activation
    • Intention Ceremony – How to work with the New Moon
    • Strengthening the heart crystal layout & meditation for heart activation
    • Medicine bundle creations

    Week 3 – South Direction – Adolescent

    • Finding oneself – Find your power and voice
    • Traditional teachings - How Fire Ceremony can help activate personal power
    • Activating power through Chakra system
    • Working with crystal grids for personal expressions and manifestations
    • Medicine bundles creations

    Week 4 – West Direction - Adulthood

    • Full Moon Ceremony
    • Letting go exercise for Sacral Chakra healing
    • Releasing limited beliefs systems
    • Visioning journey to Upper World
    • Medicine bundle creations

    Week 5 – North Direction – Elder Wisdom

    • Cultivate and trust inner wisdom journey
    • Working with Mother Earth – creating your wheel on the Earth
    • Intuitive Earth Walk
    • Medicine bundle creations
    • Calling Back Spirit Ceremony

    Rise beautiful one. Let go of limited beliefs, own your power, and find your wise woman inside!


    $80 Full payment

    $89 Payment plan: 2 separate payments @ $44.50. First payment must be received before program start date.


  • Counselling Services

    Deeply rooted in these 3 principles



    We are all unique. We create a program that honors your specific needs.


    The root of all our experiences are implicitly held in the body.


    Emphasis on wholeness: mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Everything is interconnected and related.


    Melissa works from holistic and trauma-healing practices that are grounded in strength-based values. She encourages and guides clients towards holistic health and wellness. To help facilitate this, Melissa offers traditional healing methods integrated with western therapy approaches towards healing and wellness.


    Working from a variety of approaches allows her to remain client-centered and provides the foundation for creating a safe and supportive environment. Melissa has a special interest for the mind/body/emotion connections. She enjoys facilitating healing techniques that integrates your entire being.





    Holistic Counselling

    Come as you are; with gentle courage and unwavering willpower to heal the soul wounds.

    Holistic counselling is a strength-based and integrated approach, connecting mind, body, emotions and spirit with an emphasis on wholeness. Exploring the subconscious truths beneath your feelings, will help unearth the root issues you are experiencing, thus supporting you to make changes at the deepest soul level. Gently discover each facet of yourself and create the life you’re intended to live.


    During the sessions you will be encouraged to integrate all parts of yourself with non-judgement and self-compassion in mind. Gaining new insights on how to become aware of your habitual thinking patterns and learn tools to navigate through your emotional waters whilst developing conscious choices towards personal empowerment.


    Please join me on a sacred journey of embodied awareness to create a deeply rooted and vibrate life!


    Specializing in:

    • Addiction recovery
    • Anxiety and depression
    • Women’s health
    • Stress management
    • Guilt/shame
    • Power recovery
    • Life balance
    • Self-esteem and confidence issues
    • Mindfulness techniques
    • Self-care practices
    • Positive thinking/habitual thinking patterns
    • Self-compassion
    • Personal growth
    • Relaxation techniques
    • Relationship challenges
    • Work-related issues
    • Trauma, PTSD

    Concentrating on:

    • Aboriginal Focusing Orientated therapy
    • Acceptance and Commitment therapy
    • Body-Centered Trauma therapy
    • Brief Intervention therapies
    • Cognitive Behaviour therapy
    • Dialectic Behaviour Therapy
    • Crystal therapy
    • Holistic counselling
    • Mindfulness training
    • Nature Immersion therapy
    • Solution-Focused
    • Somatic therapy


    In addition to holistic counselling services, Melissa offers an array of holistic wellness techniques. Check out the Holistic Services tab to learn more .

    Aboriginal Focusing Orientated Therapy

    Aboriginal Focusing therapy is a land-based and body-centered approach to healing. Bringing Aboriginal psychotherapy and ancestral knowledge into the room, we discover that the answers lie within us. We come to learn that sometimes the pain we carry is intergenerational and not always ours. We honour our lineage and trust our bodies to help tell stories that have long been trapped or hidden.


    It is a focused therapy approach. One ailment or issue at a time. Deepening our connection with the land, we unpack layers of self and familial pain. Clients who have participated in this therapy gain answers to deep-rooted pain and open the door to healing for self and ancestral lineages. Your body knows. You begin to understand how to listen to it. Quiet the mind and learn the tools to tap into embodied awareness.

    Nature Immersion Therapy

    $40 per session

    Do you want to enhance your connection with nature to create more meaning and purpose in your life? Need some distance from difficult emotions? Nature Therapy may help!


    Nature Immersion is an experiential life coaching session facilitated in the woods. I will help guide you to become mindful of your environment, connecting you to various parts of nature, and engaging all your senses. Allowing your senses and feelings of nature fill your entire being creates the distance needed from your emotions to let them go. There are so many ways nature teaches us to bring harmony and balance in our lives, one of them being mindfulness.


    Become mindful of the present moment and tuning into our mind, body, and spirit, allows our connections to the land blossom. Mindfulness is our natural way to connect with the land and animals. We are in constant connection and relationship with water, air, fire, earth, plant & animal life. We take the time needed to nourish our relationship with Gaia and she responds in soulful ways.


    During, and at the end of each session, you will receive specific nature-based exercises working towards your wellness goals helping you to gain the skills that will follow you a lifetime. Create a deeper connection with self, nature and others. Take the time, nurture your, and build meaningful connections that support your voyage through life. Let us walk in harmony with the rhythm of Gaia, our Mother Earth.

    Drug and Alcohol Counselling

    Utilizing CBT, mindfulness, and other approaches, I help guide clients to a live a purposeful and sober lifestyle. Having familial and personal experience with addictions, I use evidence-based practising whilst facilitating various healing techniques. This helps clients become mindful and aware of conscious choices, habitual thinking patterns, and emotional regulating behaviours.


    These sessions are not your typical psychotherapy counselling as we create a trusting and meaningful therapeutic alliance through various healing modalities connecting your mind, body and soul. We learn to hold ourselves up, dissolving feelings of shame, anger, and self-hatred. Take the steps to slowly release hopelessness. Transform those feelings into personal empowerment and believe that you are worthy to live a life of sobriety.


    Together we create and implement a wellness plan designed specifically for you. By creating a sanctuary for personal expression and exploration, you will be guided to discover your strengths and talents that have been hidden. Empowering you to overcome life challenges in positive ways, becoming mindful, and living life genuinely. The steps you take are a journey towards self-discovery; a journey to new beginnings that supports self-forgiveness, self-compassion, and sustains personal empowerment. It is a healing journey like no other.

    Counselling & Crystal Therapy

    For a more powerful and intimate healing experience, we begin with 30-45 min counselling session and end with a 30 minute Individualized Crystal Healing treatment. I book these for 2 hours to allow sufficient time to compete the healing process.

  • Aboriginal Focused

    Specializing in First Nations services

    Aboriginal Focusing Orientated Therapy

    Trauma & Addictions

    A body-centered and land-based approach to counselling and healing. 

    Traditional Energy Healing

    Clearing past trauma and emotional blockages.

    Offering energy clearing with the use of sacred medicines, healing crystals, mesa stones, and drumming & singing.

    Nature Immersion

    Spiritual teachings facilitated in the woods

    Mother Earth is here to help us heal. We will engage in various ways aimed at clearing, letting go and balancing oneself. 

    Special discount rate for all services offered to anyone that identifies as Aboriginal, Metis, or First Nations. 



  • Goals & Visions

    Breathe. Heal. Grow.


    We hold the capacity within ourselves to heal our wounds and change our internal thoughts and beliefs. This isn’t about a magical change that happens overnight. It is about real change, like that of all newly planted trees, it slowly takes times to root and grow. We remain who we are, but we become more comfortable within ourselves. We learn to be more present and grounded to make mindful choices. We take time to breathe, to heal old wounds that continue to limit us into the present day, and to grow a strong foundation that supports our healing journey. I hold space to allow you to connect to your inner wisdom, and together, we heal.



    Sage Haven Healing provides various holistic therapies for the body, mind and soul. My intention is to create a meaningful and soul connecting atmosphere, allowing clients to become fully present in the moment, grounded in self-love, becoming spiritually nourished, and deeply relaxed.



    Mission Statement


    To facilitate personal wellness while promoting long term self-reliance through holistic techniques that help raise our energetic vibrancy, promote self-healing, and encourage detoxification of our mind, body and spirit


    Benefits of Holistic Healing


    ~ Releases stress and enhances relaxation

    ~ Increased inner peace and calm

    ~ Nurtures your spiritual, mental, physical and emotional well-being

    ~ Recovery from physical and/or emotional trauma

    ~ Enhances your confidence and self-compassion

    ~ Improved personal and business relationships

    ~ Boosts energy and promotes clarity of mind

    ~ Greater self-esteem and self-compassion

    ~ Living more from conscious choices than habits

    ~ Cleanses and energies your Chakra system



    I am located in beautiful Okanagan Falls. Offering mobile services!!


    Servicing all surrounding areas; Summerland, Peachland, Penticton, Oliver, and Osooyos.


    I host various workshops in Kamloops, Penticton and the surrounding areas. If you like me to host a workshop please call or email to discuss options.


    Call to Book @ 250-378-7660

    Email: SageHavenHealing@gmail.com

  • About Melissa

    Melissa Letendre, BSW, CCH

    Melissa has earned Degrees, Diplomas and Certifications in various types of therapy and holistic techniques. She is passionate and enjoys engaging with others in meaningful ways. Melissa is originally from Loon River First Nation in Northern Alberta. She is Woodland Cree and Scottish from the Bruce Clan. Her spiritual name is Pîwâpiskoskwêw. Inherited from her late Kokum (Grandmother) Maggie Noskey. It translates to, Woman of Steel, symbolizing strength in overcoming adversity. Most of her spiritual teachings have been past down from Elders and other spiritual practitioners.


    Having survived trauma herself, she has a deep passion to help others find self-forgiveness and cultivate self-compassion. Melissa has a friendly, compassionate, and approachable demeanor allowing for comfort and honest sharing. Clients warm up to her quickly creating a trusting therapeutic alliance effortlessly. Her approach to health and wellness encourages healing at the deepest levels.


    She offers counselling, empowerment coaching, and other services with the option to incorporate physical and energetic healing modalities through crystal healing, reiki energy, meditation, or shamanic practices. She can help you to shed layers of hidden pain, emotional distress, intergenerational trauma, or internal suffering. Connecting mind, body, and spirit to become whole again. She guides your sacred journey of healing and transformation to create a deeply rooted and vibrate life.



  • Sacred Gatherings

    To register and get directions, please see my Facebook page and go to events or email me at sagehavenhealing@gmail.com ~ Namaste

    Cold Full Moon Ceremony

    A Gemini influenced full moon – the twin sign, 2 sides of personality, the yin and yang, the emotional and the intellect. This full moon can go either way, stirring up emotions, or mind chatter. So let’s concentrate on keeping ourselves grounded and coming from a place of love.


    The last full moon of the year, although considered the cold moon, it holds a beautiful essence of warmth and love. Time to shed those limited beliefs we have of our selves. Together, we will release and come to a place of self-compassion working with our Root and Heart Chakra’s while we create a space for personal love and understanding.





    Spirit Walk

    Would you like to deepen your connection with Mother Earth? If so, please join me for a day of Spirit, ceremony, and loving intentions. Together, we will connect to our Higher Power, spirit animals and that of our ancestors through an Intuitive Earth Walk, fire ceremony and guided meditation.


    Becoming body aware - tuning into our mind, body, and spirit - allows our connections to the land blossom. Body + mind awareness is our natural way to spiritually connect with our ancestors, and that of the land and animals. We are in constant connection and relationship with water, air, fire, earth, plant & animal life. Let us honour our sacred connectedness with love and light.


    Let us honour and acknowledge our interrelatedness by becoming fully present in the moment, expressing our gratitude, love and intentions. Let's walk in harmony with the rhythm of Gia, our Mother Earth.

  • Intuitive Insights

    Welcome! This section is reserved for all the messages I receive from Gaia during my Intuitive Earth Walks. I love sharing the teachings and gifts that help me along my journey. I truly hope you may find some wisdom and insight into them as well. We all rise by uplifting one another.

    December 11, 2016
    There is a unique pine tree on our property that I’ve been calling Eagle Tree. I chose that name for it because eagles are constantly perched on top of it. Spirit tree has no leaves on the top because this is where the eagles sit. Oh the uniqueness is absolutely gorgeous (see photo). I love Eagle...
    November 19, 2016
    I started walking down the river's path. It was slightly chilly out, the river seemed to blow a sweet breeze, kissing the nape of my neck. As usual, I was awaken by the beauty of nature around me. I expressed my gratitude for the gift of being one with the beauty. I asked permission to ground my...
    October 5, 2016
    While taking one of my evening meditation walks, I grounded myself to Mother Earth, gave my blessings and expressed my gratitude. I then asked if she had any messages for me. A few minutes later, I noticed there were log jams preventing the rivers natural flow. But the river didn’t stop flowing...
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    Join an empowering sisterhood group! It is a closed Facebook group where we share life's experiences with one another in a supportive environment.


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